Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS

Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS

The pursuit of spiritual life actually began more than two thousand years ago in ancient China. Dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period, Suzhou gardens were built in the 6th century BC.

Behind the numerous gardening arts and architectural structures, and the traditional Chinese landscapes.

There are no gap between man and nature or city and nature.

This delicate emotional resonance,

also exist in the post-pandemic era captured by Ziggy Chen and expressed through his clothing.

"SUGARDENS" It stands for Suzhou Garden, and it is also the inspiration behind the Ziggy Chen AW21 collection. The designer finds resonance with the surrounding environment: the lines and colors of the garden outline a space where man and nature are perfectly balanced. It brings together the fragile and strong at the same time, which is an ideal fusion of architecture and nature. The combination of light, shadow and air give life to the patterns and textures of the new fabrics developed exclusively for the Ziggy Chen AW21 collection.

"SUGARDENS" is a kind and poetic collection, which makes people feel the perfect harmony and resonance with the surrounding things, whether it is the city or the nature, as if immersed in the classical gardens of Suzhou.

Timeless and coherent;

Throughout the design of every seasons;

Many people just started to learn about Ziggy Chen.

Where does the sense of "mystery" and "wandering" come from?

The style of Ziggy Chen goes far beyond this.

Ziggy Chen mentioned in an interview once, that the top two priorities when he is making clothes are fabrics and craftsmanship. The design itself comes much later. The purpose of designing clothes is to make people feel comfortable. In the AW21 collection, cashmere, wool, cotton and linen are being used as the main fabrics. Under the experimental creation of a small artisan's workshop, it not only maintains the lightness and abundance of raw materials, but also preserves the beauty of historical fabrics.

The brand loves to play with the fabrics. He insists that clothes should be properly balanced and comfortable when they are washed and worn for a long time. Just like a plain- colored shirt sitting in the closet many years later, just like an old friend who has memories of your body temperature. This is Ziggy Chen.

Although the designer prefers 17th-century European clothing, he also has a soft spot for the simple style of the working class Chinese people during the Qing and the Song Dynasty. Antique clothing and old documentary photography have given him imagery inspiration, but when you really to study the source of inspiration and style characteristics of Ziggy Chen, you will find that it does not seem to belong to any historical period and geographic location. "De-symbolization", abstract silhouettes and cultural fusion, Ziggy Chen not only explore the quiet and introverted nature of Asian culture, but also creating its own standards in Western avant-garde aesthetics. The cohesiveness of Ziggy Chen's design gives the clothes endless possibility for layering, and they are not afraid of the test of time and trends. The inspiration behind the prints for AW21 are from the white wall and pond water of the Suzhou Garden, accompanied by different shades of green, derive from the branches, leaves, flowers, rocks, moss and various plants in the garden, allowing wearer to feel the connection to the nature. Our common spiritual home.


How much does Ziggy Chen loves to play with 'Deconstruction' and 'Reconstruction'? you can easily tell from the past seasons. Combining fabrics from different washes, dyeing and weaving techniques makes many ready-to-wear pieces look like works made by a mad scientist. It can be said that apart from respecting the close connection between clothing and the human body to the greatest extent, Ziggy Chen's clothing has no rules. In the design language of the AW21 collection, "obscure" is a key word that transforms aesthetics into design. The special feature of jackets, shirts, coats and trousers this season is that special structures and prints are placed on the inside of the clothes, becoming an element of intimacy and even fetish that only the owner can discover and choose to share. You could also choose to wear reversibly. The special "peelable" structure on the outer garment can also allow the wearer to decide to whether display or hide details inside the garment.

With playability and functionality in mind, he creates a mutual understanding between himself, his clothes and wearer, a kind of love and connection that will make people unable to resist.

Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
Ziggy Chen - SUGARDENS
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